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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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If they screw this up with widescreen, my enthusiasm for this project goes from 110% to 0%.
My enthusiasm would go from 20% to 80% if it is a well done widescreen conversion.

If people want to watch it in "widescreen" they can hit the crop button on their remote, instead of chopping off part of the picture permanently.
If it can be done well, it will be at the hands of professionals and not your television. The part of the picture that gets cropped is unlikely to have anything more interesting going on than the additional image on the sides has.

Sure, they may be able to do it without damaging it too much overall, but then there's also the possibility of cutting off parts off people's heads in close up, gaining crap on the sides that was never meant to be seen or was never spotted when filming for TV, and changing the intended framing of shots, but for what? So you don't have to see black bars on your TV?
It was filmed in 4:3, so that's how it is going to look artistically best. If was never framed with widescreen in mind, so it's always going to be a compromise. It's just a matter of how much it's compromised.
Even watch the few seconds in TATV (or look at the pic earlier). Half of the guy's head is chopped off, and people are crammed claustrophically into frame. The rest of the shot may be 80-90% fine, but why compromise 10-20% of the framing of the shot at all when you don't have to?

I don't mind them redoing space shots with CG, or adding entirely new effects, because these can be done from scratch, so no compromise has to be made to convert the show to HD, and I'm not too much of a purist overall, so no worry there, but over 178 episodes, there are going to be compromises if they crop the show to widescreen. And if the show has to be compromised 10% to do it, then I see no point to do it at all.

Now I know how people feel with TOS-R.
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