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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

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these are Bantam editions 1978 -1982 more of L.sprague de camp

1) conan swordsman 1978
2) conan the liberator 1979
3) conan the sword of skelos 1979 andrew joffutt
4) conan the road of kings 1979 karl edward wagner
5) conan and the spider god 1980
6) conan the rebel 1980 poul anderson author of ys series which I love
7) conan the barbarian 1982 (movie same title)

ace maroto edition 1978 - 1981 series done mostly by andrew j offutt

conan and the sorcerer 1978
the treasure of tanicos 1980
conan the mercenary 1981
the flame knife 1981

next up the tor editions

I still have all my Conan books from the ACE ones in the mid/late 70s through and including all of these. The quality of writing/story and characterization of Conan varies, but most of them were decent reads.
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