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Re: The Expanse - wot the heck?!?

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^I'll go with that. Except S1 & 2 more "TOS in the 22nd century". Had similar humor, crew dynamic, charismatic captain. Never saw anything VOY like in ENT...
Off the top of my hat:

- Failed attempt to introduce new, but ultimately bland races as main villains early in the show's run (Suliban/Kazon). As a result greater focus on previously established races from other shows (mostly Borg on Voyager, and Klingons on Enterprise, although the Borg were also featured on Enterprise once).

- "Time agents" from the far future as a recurring motive (Capt. Braxton on Voyager, Daniels on Enterprise... this is actually a theme first featured on VOY, which was then expanded on during ENT).

- Phlox as a revamped Neelix (granted, on Enterprise the idea finally worked), T'Pol as the new Seven of Nine.
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