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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

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This might be worthwhile in the end. The Elite Force games were fairly straightforward shooters set in the Star Trek universe but they are often regarded as some of the best Star Trek games ever made.
Although at the time I remember a similar chorus of wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the Elite Force games were "just action and shooting and don't adhere to Gene's Vision!"

And I remember similar complaints about Bridge Commander ("It's just space battles! That's not Gene's Vision!") and the Starfleet Command games ("It's just about war, that's not Gene's Vision!") and, well, pretty much any new Trek game in the past decade.
Honestly, Gene's post-TOS vision of Trek is pretty terrible if you're not making TV shows, books, or MMORPGs. The old "Hornblower in Space" idea, on the other hand, is a lot more flexible and it seems like that is what JJ's team is tapping into. This game would fit perfectly into vision.

As for gameplay, since they are at a pre-alpha stage, it's not really surprising that they haven't showed off anything but the action. Much like Mass Effect, the action is what you can most obviously show improvements in, while other stuff is not as flashy or apparent (for example, in the ME3 demos they showed off weapon customzation, but the damage increase gained by replacing a rifle barrel wasn't really noticeable). Plus Trek games have sort gained a reputation for not being the most fun in terms of action, so it makes sense that they would want to show that even if you aren't a Trek fan, this game will be fun to play and worth your time and money.
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