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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Christopher, you can talk and talk and talk. You can assume and you would still be wrong. You can mouth the Trek Philosophy and yet what Trek writers are producing now is the antithesis of it.
That's a false generalization. You're looking at one thing you strongly dislike and are projecting it onto the entire line. That's simply not true. There's a lot of upbeat stuff in Trek Lit these days. I should know, because I've written some of it. And I just read some of it. Like I said, I found Children of the Storm to be a very optimistic book and very true to the philosophy of Star Trek.

What this boils down to is that I donít like the use of the death of a major character to sell books.
What's that got to do with Unworthy or Children of the Storm, though? These books are not about Kathryn Janeway's death. After all, she only died once. These books are about the enduring legacy of her life, the way that she lives on in the people whose lives she touched and transformed. I appreciate your love for Janeway, but you're so upset about the bad that you're blinding yourself to books that celebrate the good in her, and you're missing out on something very positive and touching.

Then you have the unmitigated arrogance to expect us to praise your efforts and to put money in your pocket for something we hate. You are acting like the school yard bully not only demanding our lunch money but expecting us to like giving it to you.
I don't know why you'd think that. I'm trying to reach out to you and help you see that there's something good and positive that you're cheating yourself out of experiencing, something I think you would enjoy if you gave it a fair chance because it honors and celebrates the character of Kathryn Janeway. I opened up to you and shared my own recent tragic loss, one very similar to yours, in hopes of making a connection to you and showing you that coping with death doesn't have to be a perpetually painful thing. It saddens me that you somehow perceive that as bullying.

But your suggestion that because we donít like death and reading about death makes us somehow inferior is insulting.
I'm not talking about death. I'm talking about what happens after it, about the way people remember those they loved and honor their lives.
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