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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Beats me. But when I'm trying to report on the weekend's shoot, and someone keeps saying, "What camera did you use, what model number?" Well, it struck me as really rude. If Maurice wasn't intending to be that, fine, sorry I snapped. But like I said, we're in the midst of a shoot for the production right now.

Tell me that you're not stressful when you're filming...

And Dennis, saw where you'd actually said in additon "Who directs these things? That person should know."

I've only directed two episodes, both filmed with Panasonic DV-900 to shoot them. I couldn't tell you which camera J.T. used for "The Void," which camera Tim Carr used for "Doctor's Orders," which camera Bill Walker used for "Miscommunication", which camera Jeff is using for "Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." It's not my place to know, sorry. I trust the folks who are doing these things. Otherwise, I wouldn't be having them do it in the first place.
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