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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

@ Christopher Bennett: I wonder about your colorful metaphor with which you started your post. Reminds me on less intelligent people when they don't have any arguments anymore while recognizing to lose a disput.

The love of his life Kirk had to let die (you mentioned above), is only a character whom we see only in this episode and barely know anything else about.
We talk here about main character death.
All top main characters which ever died in Trek like Kirk, Spock, Sisko, Data - they were brought back. So isn't it a logical demanding of the Janeway fans wanting to have their Voyager main character back?
Why are a woman and her fans treated differently that men and their fans?

Nobody shouted at Spock's fans when they demanded to get him back.

And Christopher... I think you are the one who is arrogant in an offending way. YOU want to judge who had a lost and true reason for grief in his/her life and who not??? Your small window to the "world" is supposed to be right one for thousand and millions of people? Or are you even THE all-mighty one?

Do you know that a whole part of these people who are posting here are significantly older than you and might have more experiences in their lives than you have?

The same you seem to know, that all the people who say they don't like the ST books around and after KJ's death, wouldn't have read them. Are you GOD that you can be so sure about that?
Again, you were offending to those people, who tried to read and like the books (at least you were paid from their money!) and yet decided NOT to like them in the end.

I read FC and even when I liked K. Beyer's style to write, so I don't like the content of the book. I looked at Unworthy, but it was too boring, so I didn't want to waste my precious spare time on it and in the future I also won't waste any of my money for books which content doesn't interest me at all.
Don't tell people now, you would blindly read every book without getting information before what the book is about. There is a book summary and advertisement made by the publishers to just that purpose.

You say, "Read the book, then you will love it!" I say, "Read our fanfictions then you will love them!" in return. You will discover that there are enough gifted people among them, who can nicely compete with you prof writers.

So for me it is over with ST books. I only worry about the direction Roddenberry's Trek is going. Too many precious things of this universe, which was built up over more than 40 years, were destroyed in these last few years and replaced by shortsighted solutions and papermade characters.

I only want to add: There is no glory and honor in war and death. No matter on what side you die. I doubt, that the parents of those soldiers who died in Vietnam, Iraque or Afghanistan are reveling in the honor bestowed on their children by the government posthum? Just think about that.

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