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The Expanse - wot the heck?!?

I went off to boarding school during the S3 run, so "The Expanse" was the last ENT I saw as it aired until the last stretch of S4. So it naturally seemed to me that, since the ep ended with the ship flying into a purple could, symbolizing the weirdness of the Expanse, the whole thing would look more or less like that - like the Briar Patch.

But noooo, I just watched "The Xindi" - not impressed, but that's another matter - and while the promised anomalies are sorta there, the space itself looks normal.

Fail. Like, massive fail, man. So big it darn near puts me off watching the whole season, when compounded with all the other weak writing and etc. If you're gonna do a "Bermuda Triangle" of space, somewhere so weird and dangerous we've never heard of it before, and Vulcans wet themselves just thinking about it, why on Earth would one not give it at least a touch of color, especially when you set that up in "The Expanse"?!?

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