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Re: Teen Wolf-- surprisingly pretty good

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Because it was a stupid title to begin with? And the only purpose in using it is to draw in people familiar with the movie, only to deny them anything resembling it whatsoever? Which just makes it a huge, obnoxious deception not even remotely worthy of praise?

God fucking forbid someone come up with their own title.

I don't know. You could argue that Teen Wolf was always just a variant on I Was a Teenage Werewolf from the fifties. So it's not like they're trampling on pristine ground.

Teen Wolf has a certain nostalgic cachet , but the advertising and promotion makes it clear that this a very different approach to the time-honored teenage werewolf tradition. Heck, you could even argue that this show is just taking the teen werewolf concept back to its Michael Landon roots!

In the meantime, I've yet to run into anyone who was outraged because this show isn't a goofy comedy like the movie. Maybe there aren't actually that many Teen Wolf purists out there?
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