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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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And even they are not HD, then they are not ... where is the problem? People are still watching old black and white movies, so why shouldn't they watch Trek in SD? Personally I'd rather watch it super low resolution than ruined with new fx.
I won't dispute your main point, because others have already done so. I just want to nitpick the statement above.

Old B&W films are on 35mm film, and are higher resolution than SD video. Once you've seen a movie like Psycho in a theatre or on BD, you'll never want to watch it in SD video again.


Honestly, if there were a way to simply take what we already have, clean it up and just rescan it at 1080p, and leave everything the same-sound, FX, etc.- nobody would complain, just as no one would have complained has the same been possible for TOS (a 'simple' remaster, if you will). Unfortunately, that can't happen, for a legion of reasons that have been repeatedly gone over in this and other threads.

So we're left with this option, of which we have two equally valid schools of thought, where we can simply painstakingly duplicate what was done before, or exercise a modicum of creativity in the recomposition... both have their appeal, and the general (vocal minority notwithstanding) opinion about TOS-R is that they did it mostly right, though they did, in the end try too hard to have it both ways, ultimately frustrating both sides.

I imagine, ultimately, TNG-R is going to end up much the same way... frankly, I don't see how it can go any other... the potential audience on both sides is significant, but not big enough that the producers can afford to alienate anyone, so we're going to get something that's going to try and cater to all, with mixed results.
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