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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

I don't read Trek to escape, Trek was never meant to be an escape into utopia. It was supposed to show the better world man could create for himself and provide social commentary on our modern world. I read Trek to be inspired socially and technologically while hoping to find nuggets to help me grow individually.

Janeway's death was a lesson in over-confidence for me. Just because you are very knowledgable and resourceful, doesn't mean you can cheat death forever. I like the Q twist in Before Dishonor. The Q was trying to teach Janeway a valuable lesson about over-self-confidence, a humbling I thought she could use. Q tried to teach such lessons to Picard. Just as Q taught Picard a valuable lesson and gave him a real heart, female Q may choose to restore Janeway once she has learned the lesson; part of that lesson being Voyager can survive without her mothering. I'm sure she will be restored, myself, but the story can't be forced; VOY fans need to be patient and keep up with the story so they are ready when it happens.
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