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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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RoJoHen wrote:
Aside from killing off characters for no good reason, which is a legitimate complaint
I knew it. I rest my case. Doesn't it suck when character shields go away and anything can happen?
Wow, I can tell you're gonna be fun to argue with.

Note that I said "killing off characters for no good reason." Cyclops died because James Marsden was busy doing other thing. That, in my mind, is not a good reason.

RoJoHen wrote:
the story was just complete nonsense
So a mutant cure plot is complete nonsense when it happens in The Last Stand, but not when it happens in First Class?
I never said the cure plot was nonsense. The idea of it is just fine. I simply thought the story was very poorly told.

And for the record, I thought First Classwas shit, too. The Last Stand made me angry because it had such awesome potential with the way X2 left off. First Class was a boring story about characters I don't give a shit about.

Was The Last Stand a decent action flick? Maybe. But I didn't see it for action. I saw it because I wanted a good X-Men story. It didn't deliver, and it ruined a lot of character development from the first two movies.
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