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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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I wonder if those Janeway fans who refuse to read anything set after Janeway's death have ever experienced a personal loss in their own lives. If they had, maybe they'd appreciate that it's possible to pay honor and tribute to someone even after they're gone, that they can still be a part of your life even if they aren't physically there. Maybe they'd understand that the grief and anger can't last forever, that loss is something that must eventually be accepted and coped with and integrated into your life as you move on. Janeway is a pervasive, influential presence throughout Unworthy and Children of the Storm. The books serve her character very well even though she isn't in them as a living person. I think these Janeway fans would appreciate the books if they allowed themselves to read them.
Well you think wrong, go back and actually read the comments, you will see a good number have read "Full Circle" or at least tried. This isn't what we want to read. What is so hard to understand about that. We want Voyager Books with the "real" Voyager Crew. And we are not afraid to stand up and tell the people wanting our money just what it is they have to do to get it.

Science Fiction and Trek are not about "real" life. They are escapist literature and I for one do not want to escape into death, destruction and one bloody devastating war after another.

And as for death, well I buried my mother two years ago, after spending three and a half years caring for her, it was a slow losing battle all the way, it was heartbreaking and I have no desire to relive any kind of death for entertainment. There is no honor in death, you are only dead, the real honor is in living and doing what you can to make the world better and the world would be a heck of a lot better for a lot of people if we could read books for entertainment with a living Janeway.

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