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JD's Comic Book Thread

As I've been talking about alot lately I've just started reading DC and Marvel superhero comics over the last few years, and instead of starting a million new threads or hijacking others, I've decided to just start my own for anything comic related.
I just finished reading Green Lantern: Secret Origin and I loved it. I was already pretty excited for the movie, but this just made me even more excited. I do have a couple questions though, first off do the GL comics continue on with a rookie Hal or do they jump back to where they were with him already have been at it for years? Does any know if the whole Five Inversions/Sector 666/Manhunters stuff plays any kind of a role in the movie, in plans for future movies?
Next I plan on reading Batman: Year One. After that I'm thinking about either reading Superman: Secret Origin or GL: Rebirth.
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