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Re: Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf

I think Airwolf takes this one too. KITT has limited armaments, and Airwolf wouldn't have any trouble staying out of the way. And all Airwolf has to do is flip KITT over with a well-placed explosion.

On the other hand, both have pretty fantastic electronic jamming abilities. Airwolf's are operated by the pilot, while KITT operates his own, so KITT might have the edge there. Maybe the battle would come down to the two of them sitting there, not moving or fighting, but duking it out electronically.

FordSVT wrote:
Did you mean to type Star Trek when you typed Battlestar Galactica? It's a little sci-fi show, maybe you've heard of it. What I haven't heard is a great number of nerds talking about BSG vs SW.
Sorry, Ford, I'm afraid the OP has gone the way of the dodo, so you won't get a rise out of him that way.
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