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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

I'm guessing the campaign will be handled like the aforementioned Army of Two, either single player (where the player can issue commands to the AI partner), split screen co-op, online play with either stranger or friend.

As to people's responses that maybe the game being a reskin of Mass Effect no being so bad, fair point, it's just that I can imagine that 'unoriginal' gameplay might turn some people off; though from what that article said about the use of quick in game minigames, it should be fun.

Any idea on how canon the events of this game could end up being? Can't imagine they'll want to do too much character development in case it stunts the next movie. As to the foe? Reckon it might be the Cardassians, if only because of the ship we see fly in the video (roughly 0:39-0:40) has a vague resembelence to their ship aesthetic, especially the Hideki.
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