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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Okay, that's a ridiculous characterization. First off, we have no proof that Neelix and Kes were actually sexually active together. Second, Kes wasn't human, so it's nonsensically ethnocentric to judge her maturity by human standards. She was a capable adult by the standards of her own species, and nobody who paid any attention could possibly think she was too immature to make responsible choices. Hell, she was the wisest person on the ship. So calling Neelix a sex offender is as insulting to Kes as it is to Neelix, because it's misrepresenting her as a helpless child.
I was actually thinking more about the general creepy nonce vibe the character has, if anyone had horse porn stashed in their cabin or was stealing panties, it was Neelix.
You are one sick person. I suggest you go get help.
Where would I get help if I was a person who spends half his time lecturing authors on faults in the copy-editing of their books while at the same time uploading their books for free on the internet thus depriving them of income.

Any suggestions where I would get help for that?
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