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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

IN THE FLESH - 5x04 - 2/5

How the mighty have fallen. Species 8472's appearance as Hirogen prey last season was very effective. This was a lone entity, badly injured and yet it still put up a hell of a fight. More was learned about 8472, but not everything was revealed.

In the Flesh plays out like an episode of Futurama where Chakofry ends up on a planet of aliens who want to destroy us for no reason and are masquerading as humans. Oh, and he makes out with one of them.

Voyager is guilty of causing the Borg's villain decay, but it pales compared to Species 8472's fall from grace. They go from being this unstoppable malevolent force of twisted nature to a bunch of paranoid cowards.

I mean, I'm all for a diplomatic solution but this is just wraps up too neatly for my tastes. Admittedly, this would be an OK concept if the aliens involved weren't 8472, but they are, and this is what's become of them.
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