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Re: TOS Destroyer Concept

Thanks guys for the feedback

@All - I tweaked the connection on the pylons and the primary hull a little and really dig the "short" nacelles on Forbin's ships. I also made the modular connection to the torpedo pod more clear. I hope y'all can tell it's a pretty small ship but I'm leaving enough volume to fill it with the interiors I'm building for the Enterprise.

@Psion - The warp nacelle pylons connect to the primary hull to feed power into the engineering section and the pylons below the primary hull serve as a structural support/additional connections to the modular base. I have a vertical pylon for crew access that connect down into the modular section. The USS Grissom/Jester which I base off of doesn't have an obvious way to get to the lower section, but I assumed that by then it's rather automated. In the TOS era it would still be manned and thus the additional path into the modular torpedo pod.

@Forbin - Thanks! It was seeing the Jester-class assembled by you ? that got me inspired in the first place!

@CRA - I was really tempted to do a single nacelle

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