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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 4: Revealed Part 1

Cindy saw Sandi emerge from the door into the Cafeteria. ‘She must have used a lot of trial and error,’ she thought.

As Sandi leapt from table to table, Cindy jumped to the side and began to think of ways to get out of the Cafeteria before Sandi caught up to her. She had an idea, and rubbed the emerald. Jean appeared, with a book in her hand. She let go of it, letting it float in mid-air.

“You had to interrupt my reading, didn’t you?” she asked.

“You knew that it was me?” Cindy asked quickly. (Sandi was still moving closer.)

“As soon as you wished for that door,” Jean said.

‘I guess that makes sense.’ “Anyway, can you block Sandi whilst I think of what to do next?” Cindy asked.

“Sure,” Jean said. She turned around and telekinetically moved tables between herself and Sandi. Then a meter thick wall of what appeared to be jello appeared, with those tables embedded in it.

“A wall of Jello?” Cindy asked sceptically “She would get through that.”

“She would if it were pure jello, yes,” Jean said. “But it isn’t pure jello. It has honey, chocolate, mentos, other confections and ‘surprises’, including baking soda being near orange juice, that will slow her down.

“Cool,” Cindy said. Indeed she could see the various chocolates and other confections here and there in the wall.

“Yes. If nothing else, I will be going back to the library,” Jean said. She grabbed the copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and vanished.

Cindy started moving away. ‘As much as I would like to see her get even more messy as a result of her trying to get through, I want to put as much distance between us as possible,’ she thought.

Sandi saw Jean appear next to Cindy. As she moved closer she saw that Jean was talking to Cindy, then some tables moved so as to approximate a wall. ‘That like, won’t stop me, Jean!’ she thought as the wall of jello appeared.

After Jean disappeared, she jumped off a table into the wall of jello. Then some of Jean’s ‘surprises’ in the form of pieces of hot chocolate, sticky molasses, hydrogen bubbles and bubblegum activated.

“Oowww! Jean! Cindy! I will get through there and I will get the emerald back.” She then jumped off the ceiling towards a spot where a table stuck out of the wall of jello. She then grabbed the table and pushed against one of the poles next to the servery.

All that resulted in was further explosions, resulting from vinegar meeting baking soda, spraying a mixture of jello, vegetable oils and acetate salts all over Sandi. ‘This is ridiculous,’ she thought, before thinking about it further.

Cindy watched Sandi’s second attempt. ‘That has to be frustrating,’ she thought. She then turned around, and went through the door. She decided to go through the HSIE block. ‘Maybe if she gets through that wall and manages to follow me I will give it to someone else.’

Daria, Quinn, Stacy and Brittany arrived at the Language Arts faculty office.

Brittany opened the door. “She is not here,” she said. Indeed the students could see various notes, written in Mr O’Neill’s writing, floating around.

“I hope that the others have better luck,” Quinn said.

“I wouldn’t count on that. We have to check the computers, see if she has been here,” Daria said.

“You know best, I suppose,” Stacy said, as she went to one of the computers.

“I’ll look too,” Quinn said, as she joined her.

Anthony DeMartino was concerned about Kristen. Whatever it was that Sandi had used on her seemed to have a lingering effect, Kristen had been talking slightly slower than usual. He could tell that Jennifer had noticed it too. ‘I hope it is not permanent,’ he thought. Charles Ruttheimer didn’t seem to notice.

Jennifer moved the teacher to the side and said in a slightly quieter voice than usual; “I think we need to take Kristen to the nurse’s office, she seems ‘sluggish’ for the lack of a better term.”

“Yes, Jennifer, I have noticed it too. You will have to take her there. I have to stay here, ensure that the situation does not get any further out of control,” he said. ‘I don’t see any other staff out here,’ he thought.

“Great,” Jennifer murmured.

After some convincing Jennifer and Kristen headed towards the school nurse’s office.

“Where are they going Mr. D?” Charles asked.

“None of your concern, Mr. Ruttheimer!”

‘Of course not, girls never confide in me. Neither will the teachers!’ Charles thought.

“Too late, I know that Jeannie Jenner is a wish granting genie!” The principal said when the door to the basement server room slammed open.

“How?” Tiffany asked.

“I am not stupid, Ms. Blum-Deckler. A relatively simple application of Occam’s Razor, if you know what that means. There is also plenty of evidence from the video cameras,” Ms. Li said.

‘Of course I know what that means. I do learn some things at this school,’ Tiffany thought “The simplest explanation is the best.”

“Wow!” Jane said, with raised eyebrows. She turned her attention to Ms Li. “What plans do you have regarding that genie?” she asked. She was about to say ‘emerald’ but realised that Ms Li might not have deduced its existence yet.

“I am not going to say anything, Ms Lane,” the principal said.

“But you have to answer me, Angela!” Claire said.

“You, Ms. Defoe? You who won’t ask your college roommates to leave your apartment?” Ms Li asked, and laughed.

“Yes! What are you planning to do with the genie?” Ms. Defoe said.

Ms. Li remained silent.

“Look! Whilst we are arguing here, more crazy events are happening in the school. The more those crazy events happen, the more likely that the events are going to draw attention!” Jane said.

Ms. Li was then in thought.

Ms. Defoe caught onto Jane’s line of thought. “Whilst the media wouldn’t ordinarily run with ‘paranormal’ events. I am sure that they would in this case,” she said.

“I see what you are getting at,” Ms. Li said, in thought. ‘If I get that genie, It won’t matter that much,’ she thought.

“You don’t want that attention! It will change everything! The news may already be getting out. It will certainly be out once everyone gets home,” Jane said.

Ms. Li thought some more. “I still don’t have to tell you my plans!” she said.

“Yes you do!” Ms. Defoe said.

“Great, it’s a sta-and-off,” Tiffany said to Joey.

Joey had an idea. “See if you can distract them whilst I try to look at what information she has.”

“How?” Tiffany asked.

“Do whatever you do to distract Sandi. Ask them if you look fat or something,” Joey said.

“Do I look fat?”

“You don’t look fat,” Joey said, as he tried to approach the computers.

Tiffany gulped, and then went into distraction mode; “Ms. Li-i, does this zero gravity make me look fat?”

Kristen and Jennifer approached the administration building. “Do you think you are up to zero gravity?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes,” Kristen said.

“Let’s go, and do what I do,” Jennifer said.

“Ok,” Kristen said.

They both backed up and then ran and jumped into the building. They kicked the door open to allow them to pass.

After a number of attempts, Sandi managed to get through the jello wall. She knew that Cindy had left the cafeteria, but thought that she wouldn’t have had gone far. Sandi then jumped towards the door out of the cafeteria.

A minute afterwards, Sandi emerged from the Cafeteria and saw Cindy at an intersection of corridors. Cindy also saw her and jumped away, towards the History, Language Arts, etc classrooms.

Sandi quickly followed.

After about six minutes of searching, Stacy and Daria concluded that there was no information on the Language Arts Department computers about the principal’s activities. All they found were various class notes written by Mr. O’Neill and the other Language Arts teachers.

“She has to be in the Basement Server Room,” Daria said.

“I agree,” Stacy said.

“But there are around ten minutes until class time. We may not make it.” Quinn said.

“Quinn, we have to try!” Daria said.

“Of course we do. I’m just stating the fact,” Quinn said.

“Let’s go,” Brittany said, starting to go out of the door.

“Of course,” Daria said. They then left the Language Arts faculty office.

Jennifer and Kristen entered the school nurse’s office. They found that there were already many students there, the microgravity environment giving them motion sickness.

‘Wouldn’t it be more efficacious to go outside?’ Jennifer thought.

“Are you either of you feeling nauseous too?” the nurse asked.

“Not really?” Jennifer said.

“What is the complaint?” the nurse asked with a strained tone.

“Kristen is slurring her voice after being hit by some strange energy,” Jennifer said.

“Strange energy?” the nurse asked dubiously.

“It had an electrical component, OK!” Kristen said.

“Yes, I can see that you are slurring slightly. I will have to check your vitals. Come with me,” she said.

“You are dubious about ‘strange energy’ whilst floating where there should be gravity?” Jennifer asked.

“I am experiencing this zero gravity, whatever is really causing it. I also see that new floor. But I haven’t experienced whatever may have affected Ms. Leung-Bell. So you said that it had an electrical component?”

“Yes. It had a feel similar to that when one is hit by a static shock,” Kristen said.

“It looked purple,” Jennifer said.

“Unless you have something meaningful to contribute, Ms. Burns, I suggest remaining silent,” the nurse said, as she got out her equipment.

“OK,” Jennifer said, as the nurse began her examination.

In the Basement Server Room, Joey was perplexedly looking at the computer records whilst argument amongst the other people in the room continued.

“Need help?” Joey started. He turned to see Jane right next to him.

“Relax,” she said, whilst making a shushing motion.

“You’re helping?” he asked.

“I have been known to do some artistic coding in my time,” she said.

“Really? I heard that you don’t do well in Maths.”

Jane wondered how he knew. “How do you know that?” she asked.

“Quinn told me,” Joey said.

‘I guess she overheard me telling Daria about my C- average slipping one time,’ Jane thought, turning back to the computer. “Let’s do this,” she said, the sound of the art teacher arguing with the principal quite prominent in the background.

Daria’s group crashed into Cindy as they rounded a corner. The emerald slipped out of Cindy’s grasp.

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry!” Stacy exclaimed.

“Not your fault,” Cindy said.

Quinn noticed the emerald flying away. “The emerald!” she pointed out.

Daria also saw it. “Yes, get it!” she said, not trying to think of how this other girl managed to get her hands on it.

“Oops!” Cindy said.

Brittany grabbed Quinn, and pivoted on the corner of the walls, and so flung her off after the emerald.
“Get it!” she squeaked.

Quinn reached out for the emerald; “I wish we were all in the Basement Server Room right now!” she said, as her fingers briefly brushed the emerald.
There was a slight delay as the emerald figured out how to fit the incoming teens into the Basement Server Room, and all of them, Cindy included, disappeared from the corridor. However the emerald remained behind only shifted onto a different trajectory by Quinn’s brief touch...

The nurse completed her examination of Kristen. “You seem to be getting better. Your reflexes are as usual and your pupils are also normal,” she said.

“I don’t think so. I am still talking slowly!” Kristen said.

“Though that is improving,” Jennifer said, as more nauseous students entered the nurse’s office.

“Only a little bit,” Kristen said.

“True,” Jennifer said.

The nurse thought for few seconds. “Ok, you seem OK, but I will advise going to a doctor when school lets out, there may be some neurological issues affecting the speech center,” the nurse said.

“Or it could be psychosomatic! Jennifer, could you get Mrs. Manson?” Kristen objected.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t trust her,” Jennifer said. She checked her watch. “It’s about seven minutes until end of lunch, when this lack of gravity will cease to be an issue. We could wait.”

“I don’t want to miss too much class. You can try now,” Kristen said.

“Her office is just down the hall by one door,” the nurse said.

“I will get her then,” Jennifer said, she moved to go and saw that there were about twenty teens besides herself and Kristen in the room. Many of them were lying on the walls, floor and ceiling. ‘There are going to be some injuries unless they move closer to the floor,’ she thought. She looked at the nurse. “Could you tell those near the ceiling to move nearer to the floor? The fall could be nasty.”

“You are right!” the nurse said, as Jennifer made her way out of the office.
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