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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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STNG well never look HD and never be ready for Bluray without a remastering.
So what?
I can sort of see what you are getting at. You wouldn't want to mess with things like aspect ratio or shot framing, since that's not how it was originally presented. TNG, like all the Treks except ENT was originally presented in 480i. That was the director's intent, right?

However, something to consider is that all the live action footage was filmed on 35mm film, a format which gives you far greater resolution than even 1080p. TOS-R is amazing at that resolution. It's truly amazing that a TV series produced almost 50 years ago can look that good when presented in a format that the filmed material can support.

I know that I've been critical of TOS-R and skeptical of what TNG-R will end up looking like. However, that doesn't mean that I'm not excited by the prospect of seeing TNG at something closer to how it's actually filmed. That and the idea that someone presented over in the TOS-R thread that they could re-composite the filmed model elements has me excited over what this could actually bring. I hope we hear, as well as see, something soon.
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