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Re: What Hath Netflix Wrought?!

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I wonder if this interface has anything to do with the impending realese of Apple's new OS's.

OS X Lion is out in a month, iOS 5 is out in the fall. I wonder if these changes are because of better integration with apple products. Especially when you look at the close integration of twitter into iOS, and the signs that Facebook may be getting the same treatment, I wonder if apple has lined up Netflix for closer integration and they've upgraded their sight for it.

Hmmm, I don't know, but it would strike me as an ill-advised move. Why alienate more than half your users by switching to an interface that's hard to navigate? The whole problem with the site is a lack of interface feedback. I see it a lot of times, and it's not something that integration can fix. It'll look bad no matter which OS it's on. I could see maybe a front-end, sure, or maybe even a redirect to a different version of the site, but on the main version of a site that many people rely on in order to use the service? Shot in the foot, I tell you.
I was just thinking that might be the cause for some UI changes, Lion has expanded the use of touch, and they are really pushing the magic pad as an included accessory with all the new macs.
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