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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

This might be a dumb (and already debated) question... but am I correct to assume that First Class basically ignores The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine, while acknowledging the first two X-Men films as Canon?

The Last Stand and Origins: Wolverine showed a de-aged Patrick Stewart still walking, so this rules them both out. However, I don't see any discontinuites between X-Men, X2, and First Class. In fact, both X-Men and First Class start with exactly the same opening sequence. The cameos by Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romjin could further confirm the canonicity of the first two films.

So there's basically the Singerverse, consisting of X-Men, X2, and First Class and the (for the lack of a better term) Arad/Winterverse consisting of X-Men, X2, The Last Stand, and Origins: Wolverine. The former films were all produced by Bryan Singer, the latter sequence shares Avi Arad and Ralph Winter as producers... among others.
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