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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

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You could treat it like B5.

Pretend the whole trek is over. What JJ does is irrelevant for you anyway.
I think you're missing the word legacy. Of course new Star Trek is over, for me, but will live on, in me. But the legacy is important to me as well. J.J. Abrams is killing that legacy. That is not irrelevant. The new "Star Trek" offers nothing to entertainment that couldn't be achieved without abusing the Star Trek franchise. That is why I hope it fails, quickly and quietly, so as not to tarnish the image and impact of decades of positive Trek forever. Read my above posts to understand why I find Star Trek's legacy important.
ok - think this post is over the top as were some of your earlier ones - a warning for trolling. Suggest you tone down your dislike of nuTrek as it isn't at all relevant to this thread or forum.
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