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Re: The Federation at war with the Borg?

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Also, it might be relevant to state if you think the United States is at war. I think if you don't believe the US is at war, then you probably wouldn't agree that the Federation is at war either.
I'm not seeing a strong parallel here. I don't think the US is currently "at war". Iraq and Afghanistan right now much more closely resemble international, and unfortunately, mercenary police actions. The Taliban is a criminal organization masquerading as a religious group, selling heroin to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. They're the Mafia mixed with Islam and heroin. Not a country to go to war with.
But, getting back to serious matters - The Borg attempted full scale invasion, and nearly succeeded. The Borg do have much greater mobility than the Federation, with either raw speed or transwarp technology (T'Warp). If you think of assimilation as the religious element of Taliban, there is something, but the Borg just don't seem to represent a terrorist group. To my mind they more closely represent corporatism and the military-industrial complex.
I Borg is after BoBW, so I can't see any ambiguity in the question of whether the Federation is at war.
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