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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Maurice, I've no idea what model number it is--I think you've asked before and I still haven't thought to look. There's a picture of it on the Potemkin website somewhere if it's so important. We spent five hours in the South Georgia heat to get 17 minutes of footage. My setup checklist is two pages long (and I'm awake right now because I've got to add SUNSCREEN to that list for Friday's shoot). My list of duties includes makeup and appliances (i.e. ears), prop master (phasers, tricorders, communicators, lirpas), assistant costumes (pins--rank and Starfleet as well as IDIC), continuity, assistant camera man (and lose the assistant when Sara left at 1130am), script boy, caterer, gaffer (LOL -- it was 1200 feet of extension cords today -- Jeff's talking about buying a $1500 generator) among other things. We started setting up at 8:10am this morning, started filming at 10:15am or so, wrapped at noon, and managed to have things cleaned up and repacked at 1:15pm. To me, that's all far more important than which bloody model number the camera (which is never left in my possession) happens to be. Sorry for the terse reply, but it was a long day.
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