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Re: The Federation at war with the Borg?

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Watching the debate in the conference lounge in I Borg, about the Federation being at war with the Borg, who do you agree with?
Riker's and Crusher's verbal interaction during the conference says that yes there is a war between the Federation and the Borg (at least in Riker's mind). When Riker comment that he believes there is a war, Beverly response with, "There's been no formal declaration of war." Riker seem to be saying that the event, the series of actions, that compose a war are occurring. Crusher isn't really saying that a actual war isn't ongoing, only that a legal nicety wasn't observed, either by the Borg, or the Federation council.

A declaration of war is a formal authorization by the body government to take the state into war, engage in combat. The Borg "government" seems to be extremely simple, the Queens make decisions and the collective of drone carry out the "policy."

If the Federation council had declared war on the Borg, Crusher would/might have known of it, and others at the conference definitely would have brought it up. But would Picard have require a formal authorization to respond to, or counter attack the Borg in the manor he originally intended? I believe that Starfleet has a standing manidate to defend the Federation. Starfleet captain don't appear to need to "check with the brass" prior to engaging in fairly major hostilities. There are standing rules of engagement and Captain's discretion.

Even without a government authorization, Starfleet was at war.

Now the question is not whether or not genocide is justified
La Forge's computer virus would have shutdown the Borg's neural network, disconnect the interconnects that form the collective. Geordie was going to make all the Borg individuals again. Many would likely die as a result, either through shock, artificial organs shutting down or by being trapped in dead spacecraft. But would that have constituted "genocide"

When you come right down to it, the Borg are nothing more than a large group of slaves. The collective really makes no decisions, because if it did, the first decision it would make is "let us go."

Genocide means killing a people (various descriptions), the Borg aren't a people are they?

After [Best of Both Worlds], however, do you believe a state of war still exists?
Based upon Picard's "we fall back" speech in FC, yes. And off screen, the Federation is slowly and gradually losing.

Also, it might be relevant to state if you think the United States is at war.
Yes, twice the President asked for and obtain authorizations from Congress to take the country to war, separately in Afghanistan and later Iraq.

The Constitution stipulates that permission must comes from Congress, not the President. Now what's going on with Libya is in need of Congressional approval.

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