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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Considering that you already started with the opinion that the production was rushed, I'm not surprised that you feel that way about it still StarTrek1701. It's a shame that you feel that way. I will agree that there was a lot of stuff the film covered...that probably comes from the script being rewritten and worked on by six or seven different writers. I don't agree that it was incomplete. I feel that it works fine as a self-contained film or as the start of a new trilogy. I'm not sure how anyone can say that it didn't add to the X-Men "Movie mythos". I thought did a good job of doing just that.
I feel absolutely opposite. Yes I felt it was rushed (and Matthew Vaughn said it himself in numerous interviews) and the product showed. Here are the troubling things from the movie:

- Erik and Charles' friendship lasted just a month? From that they gleaned things about each other that is only accumulated after years of friendship?

- Mystique's quite the easy character! Not calling her a slut, but for her to jump through wanting affections from Charles to Henry to Erik.. Mystique's a manipulator but here she seemed too innocent to have a want for that kind of behavior.

- Sebastian Shaw can turn any and all kinds and amounts of energy into stored energy and then transfer it back out? Why not then get Emma to make certain generals and military members think she is part of a team, break into a nuclear facility and let Shaw take the energies for himself and then hold various nations hostage? In that light, Shaw's actions seemed pretty convuluted and unnecessary.

- How the hell did the Russians know how to create a psi-scan safe helmet? And why give Shaw such a tech anyways?

- What's the back story for Azazel to be Shaw's dog like that? Does Shaw have a biological hold on Azazel for his unwavering loyalty?

- And speaking of Azazel's power, why can't he just *BAMF! into a nuclear holding facility and grab all the nukes one by one and steal them to a safe place?

Those are just the few thoughts from the top of my head. There are other things as well that bothered me about the movie on so many different levels.
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