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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

Just saw FC tonight. It was alright. I am not blown away by it the way many others here seem to be. I really feel that they tried to cram too much stuff in the movie that, in the end, made it feel forced. Mainly, I am referring to Prof. X's handicap and Magneto's "turn to evil" at the end. Was either really needed in this movie? I don't mean this as a case of whether or not it matches with the other movies. It just seemed like it happened just because it had to happen.

Magneto's belief about humans seems to come out of nowhere as it is never really foreshadowed at all earlier in the movie. Mag's was all about "gotta get Kevin Bacon" and didn't have much to say about "humans hate mutants". That really needed to be explored more.

I also didn't buy Prof. X's friendship with Mags. By the middle of the film, they were shown to be getting close (with an unintentional hilarious homosexual undertone), but there really wasn't any solid foundation for that. It just went from "we're associates" to "we are bff" in a blink.

There were some other narrative problems the film had (such as the time it took for the Russians deciding to move their ships to Cuba to actually doing it was enough time for our heroes to perfect their powers, create uniforms and other personal technology, make a serum, and update a jet) and some very poor characterization (did anyone really care about any of the other mutants who were not Prof. X, Mags, Kevin Bacon, or Mystique?).

I know I am ragging on it. It had good stuff too. I plan to check it out again when it comes on DVD. I may have missed some things that would help my perception of the film in addition to being in a better mood when watching it (I saw behind the most obnoxious person ever in a theatre - so bad, that she was even answered her phone during the movie!!).
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