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Re: Fitness Checkin

So much for not overdoing it for the first week. On my third hike of the week, I wanted to see how the river looked after heavy rain the night before. It was a really enjoyable hike with lots of small streams and waterfalls before getting to the main river (which actually overflowed its banks and cut off access to the last part of the trail). However, I ended up hiking for about an hour instead of my planned 20 minutes and the return trip was almost entirely uphill. At least I'll have a few days to recover before my next hike.

I've also been doing some research on insulin resistance, which is a problem I've been dealing with. Some of the studies recommend weightlifting in addition to aerobic exercise on its own. I figure it couldn't hurt, so I picked up some resistance bands and added some light strengthening exercises on the days when I'm not hiking.
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