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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless" that surprised me that Fatret would ask about Jarol's attitudes towards humans. That really does make me feel like your Cardassians are changing, if this medic would approach potential racism as a negative attitude and a resentment that has to be set aside.

(And boy, does this play into what we're discussing in private.)

That broken mirror worries that she's gotten these cuts once, it makes me worry she could go into more deliberate self-harm to try and punish herself, like Gul Brenok does. (Of course, he doesn't cut himself, but he does self-harm.) She has a lot of healing to do and things to atone for--but that's not the way.

I hope, though, that eventually her condoning the massacre after she was held prisoner will come out. That was one of her cruelest moments of evil.

If Karama goes to Cardassia, sorry to say...I hope it will be after his "father" is too weak to strike him. One comment is very telling, though--that it's his father's enemies who need protection, and his father's friends who are threats.

I also thought it was interesting that Karama seems to be absorbing a belief in Karama!

As for Aladar...I liked what he said to Ensign Tibaut--the accusation that these scientists were not only cruel enough to watch the Rathosians die, but also cruel enough to claim to be against the death penalty (as the Federation claims) but leave them to die while washing their hands of their indirect execution. Somehow, I think that fits the hypocrisy of people like that scientist commander, and people like Picard.

Maybe, maybe these younger scientists will act, now that their commander has refused to surrender the Cardassians. Otherwise, Zamarran might have to send down troops, and it'll end up devolving into an old-fashioned Federation vs. Cardassian fight, replete with all the usual stereotypes.
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