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Perhaps "Issues" would have been more appropriate then? Does it really matter what adjective I use? It seems to me you're focusing on the least important parts of my post. Sorry if my choice of words “rubbed you the wrong way” but don’t let your sensitivity cloud your judgment.

I'm very well aware of why your thread exists, and curious as to why you would assume otherwise? I don't think I said anything to imply that I "didn't get it"? So stop explaining it to me, you’re not helping matters by being condescending!

But I think you're missing the point of my post, so let me do a little explaining of my own, I was simply offering my two quatloos worth on a possible avenue which you might have overlooked that could result in a possibly more graceful design down the road.

Since as you say, "the whole point of my volume studies is to mess around with sizes and shapes and placement before finding something I like and settling on it", then I seem to have understood you correctly.

Just trying to be helpful, that’s all. Good luck with your project.
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