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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

I like how you described the people that a Betazoid reads in detail without consent as victims. That's what I've always thought, especially about how the creepy Trois. Yeah, both Lwaxana and Deanna were creepy.

One question, though. How much is a Betazoid, in your universe, unable to control, and how much is a deliberate probe? At least in mine, there are certain things that my Betazoids are unable to help sensing.

I like how Captain Ram doesn't deliberately probe people without asking. (I wonder, though...under what circumstances would she feel the situation is appropriate to ask?)

I wonder how Zamarran would feel if he found out that this Betazoid believes in asking permission?

I loved the scene where they found all that chaos in the wardroom! Do you think that some of these scientists have weaker hierarchical instincts? (Kind of like my Iymender, who actually has a diagnosable issue, by Cardassian standards.)

I'm coming to like Ensign Tibaut...a little bit. But a duck-blind scientist is not high up on my totem pole of people to consider deserving of my liking them. At least she was able to see that these Cardassians weren't scaled monsters.

I hope Golek won't decide it's in his best interest to freeze the Cardassians. I hope he'll at least have the decency to go get them some blankets.

For Kapoor, losing her temper at her father-in-law...I understand how she felt, but I think it would be right if she would simply tell Tavor what happened but without any encouragement one way or the other. it is; it's your decision.
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