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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

The shoot when very well today! A special thanks to Sara Higgins Mackenzie who went above and beyond the call of duty serving as on-site seamstress as well as camera operator!!! Also thanks to Dennis Proulx who was our boom operator, William Searcy who was our still photographer. Our cast was terrific as well: Jeffrey Green did a great job as Captain Grigory as well as serving as director and director of photography. Christin Woods did terrific as T'Noshi, Bill Mackenzie was superlative as Caley, and Richard Thornton did extremely well as Frazier. Eric Holt was definitely well cast and was quite a sport considering he was the there the whole time and didn't get into the action except for the last shot. Still, it was a memorable scene.

The temperatures shooting underneath the canopy of an ancient pecan tree were quite tolerable, and we managed to shoot the three pages of the teaser. We had plenty of refreshments (and some really tart apples, LOL), but everyone seems to have had a good time.

Again, thanks to everyone for making the first day of shooting a joy!

We'll be posting a variety of pictures to our home page shortly.
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