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I walked away thinking of this as a dead experiment and came back to find surprising interest. Well, that's cool! With little new Trek to watch these days, I find myself increasingly interested in playing lots of "what if" games with Trek and messing with alternate interpretations of the original.

Fortunately, it looks like my five-year-old drank all my scotch last night, so rather than wallow in inebriated misery, I continued thinking about this and made a few more changes.

Santaman, I have to keep resisting that temptation. One of the weird distinctions of the Jefferies ringship is that there's only one connection to the ring. I admit, it'd look a lot more balanced if I did that, but the inspiration for this project wasn't balanced. The other temptation I'm resisting is to use pylons similar to the original NCC-1701's nacelle pylons to connect the ring. I might yet yield to that one, but I want to bang the current concept around a little more.
Just go with what you got, it does very much have an unique feel to it, kinda a "what would have been." universe ship.
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