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Re: What Hath Netflix Wrought?!

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A lot of us are asking the reviewers who say it provides "easier access to find great movies" whether they've actually used the site as of yet. The redesign makes it much harder to browse for new and different movies.

Sometimes these things can actually be paid for. If it looks like an editorial but it's coming off like like an advertisement, it likely is. Case in point, just last night I was reading an article about Forza 4 on Jalopnik, when it was revealed that they were in partnership with them. It read exactly like an advertisement. Not to say it's a bad thing, as sometimes it's done in better ways without seeming like an advertisement, but they're usually pretty easy to notice when they aren't objective.
Yeah, there are some obvious ones right off the bat when searching around on Google, where they extol the virtues of the new interface, and complete ignore the now 2500 complaints (over two days) on the Netflix Community blog.

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Yikes...what an awful user interface...
Seconded, "Hail Mary"-ed and "Amen"-ed.
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