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The Federation at war with the Borg?

Watching the debate in the conference lounge in I Borg, about the Federation being at war with the Borg, who do you agree with?

Now the question is not whether or not genocide is justified in this "war", but whether or not you believe a state of war exists between the Federation and the Borg.

It was mentioned in the Best of Both Worlds that the Federation was in a state of war and Picard was at one point considered a casualty of war. After this invasion, however, do you believe a state of war still exists?

I believe the Federation's conflict to the Borg is similar to the "war on terror". It isn't a continuous draw out conflict like WWII and there is no formal declaration of war. But the enemy has declared their intention to destroy your way of life and attacked you at every opportunity.

The Borg made two invasion attempts on Earth. Will probably try again. Invasions are generally an act of war. Picard himself was reprimanded for not using genocide against the enemy and was ordered to do so should another opportunity arise. Starfleet even goes as far to build its first "war"ships like the Defiant.

Voyager never used the term war, they were mostly concerned with going home and not starting fights with the Borg. But they didn't explicitly say anything that would contradict the dialogue from The Best of Both Worlds or I Borg that they were at war either.

So what do you guys think? Is the Federation at war?

Also, it might be relevant to state if you think the United States is at war. I think if you don't believe the US is at war, then you probably wouldn't agree that the Federation is at war either.
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