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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I can't see how they could screw it up. Are there any "Greedo shoots first" moments in TNG?
Darmok, for one. Fire phasers! Uh, from the torpedo tube!

The only downside from that is that it would screw up a really cool looking effect sequence, even though it's technically wrong.

Of course they could also make it better!

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Not that TNG has anything to do with the TOS 50th Anniversary in 2016 September but do you think that it will be 5 full years before TNG is remastered and takes advantage of the marketing for 50th Anniversary of TOS?
That would be a Autumn 2016 release.
Well it wouldn't coincide with STXIII that should come out around 2015 so maybe.
Likely it will finish after that, but it should start airing way before that.
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