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Re: What Hath Netflix Wrought?!

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
I have noticed when websites change they almost always wreck things or make it more difficult for no real reason.
Indeed. That's what it feels like here. It feels like replacing function with form.

Distorted Humor wrote: View Post
himm...might need to call netflix and express my displeasure...
If it bothers you, then you should. I have.

23skidoo wrote: View Post
bigdaddy wrote: View Post
I have noticed when websites change they almost always wreck things or make it more difficult for no real reason.
[Old man voice] I've been surfing the Internets since 1996 [/Old man voice] and in all that time I've never come across a so-called "improvement" to a website that has actually been an improvement. I've always found myself with lost functionality and lost efficiency. I get the feeling these changes are made by people who want to justify why they're being paid $50,000 a year, and for no other reason.

My only suggestion is bitch and complain as loudly as possible to Netflix. Websites have caved before. Huffington Post launched a new interface last week for Canadian IP addresses that forced us to view only the Canadian version of the site. People condemned it so loudly they made major changes within a few hours, most notably giving users the ability to toggle between the US and Canadian versions. And it's become something of a joke how Facebook often caves under pressure when it introduces a boneheaded "improvement".

But unlike Huffington and Facebook, Netflix relies on your money - tell them they won't be seeing any more of your money and they'll change things back (or do what Yahoo Groups did when it faced a mass mutiny when it changed its interface and give people the option).
I don't know if it will make a difference, though. Netflix is so ginormous that even if 200,000 people called, that would just be 1% of their total membership.

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
That's basically the same interface they've been using on PS3 for awhile.
That's what a lot of PS3 owners are saying. It looks like the design is similar to Roku's API as well.

cylkoth wrote: View Post
Coming on the heels of the terrible new PS3 UI-after 5 months of slowly releasing it to console users, it was rolled out in full 3 weeks ago, this website redo is a serious step backwards. I'm not opposed to change, but the change has to make things better than before, not worse. I had a really cool UI (on the PS3)...The queue and various genres were viewable on single pages, easy to find content and explore for things not in your queue. Now I'm stuck scrolling across in a single line, and scrolling too fast will freeze the app, forcing a reboot of the console. Both the new PS3 app and the website redesign, as stated by others, take away functionality and ease of use.

For that, both changes are epic Fails.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
My Netflix hasn't changed.
They've only applied it to the "Watch Instantly" section at this point. For those of us who have the streaming only service (I switched about 5 months ago), we're neck deep in fuzzy, blurry movie covers without rhyme or reason.

Hilbilly Rage wrote: View Post
It's easier to deal with on the Playstation with the controller, but yeah I wish they would have left it alone.
Other than streamlining for API, there's no reason for them to change it, and even if API was the primary factor, they could have at least added more detail for the site interface. This is just silly.

IndyJones wrote: View Post
Honestly the lack of any main focal points is making my eyes cross.
Yes. Many members are reporting nausea when they look at the site for more than a minute.

I Grok Spock wrote: View Post
So...watched Girls Bravo yet?
Nope. I don't have it in my Instant Queue, either. What you're looking at is the "Recommended" page. There is no order to the layout. None.

Scout101 wrote: View Post
Am a Netflix user, but really don't like the interface. Old one OR the new one. Honestly, while the Blockbuster service wasn't as great, the actual interface was much better. Also had sortable categories that made sense for what I was looking for: Releasing this week, next week, as well as In Theaters, so I could add things to my queue when I was thinking about them and have them show up when they came out.

The netflix system is an irritating POS. Honestly, i usually log into my blockbuster account (inactive), run my searches, and then type the names into Netflix manually. Not exactly ideal...
And you shouldn't have to do that. You'd think Netflix could manage to find a way to better organize their movies after the 10+ years they've been in existence. When your web presence is your primary presence in the business world, you'd think they'd want to present the best foot forward.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
J. Allen wrote: View Post
I figured most web designers, like yourself Owain, would take a look at the new site and wonder just how the hell a user is supposed to navigate through everything.
Yeah, that's what you'd think. Sometimes I wonder if the designers ever end up using the websites they design. I'm not even a professional designer, yet I tend to see these things as I've self-taught myself at an early enough age, so design mistakes pop right out at me. Mainly the main reason why sites like these get redesigned like they do is due to what I like to call executive intervention. Sometimes it's not even a designer's decision, but rather an executive who has a bright idea on paper, which might not be such a great design philosophy, and then has the design passed on to the designer where it's up to them to implement, whichever way they see fit. Sometimes, I guess it can be a bit like a marketing group trying to come up with ideas where it's not a single person doing the job. Point is, that the person doing the actual designing doesn't always know or follow the design guidelines, and the end result is getting something like that Netflix redesign. Because an executive had something in mind and they want to see it achieved no matter what. I've often had people request things to be designed a certain way without knowing if it's possible or not to design it the way they want it. It's a bit like having someone who knows nothing about designing a house telling a designer how it should be designed. The house itself might look like it was designed by a kid in the end.
A lot of us are asking the reviewers who say it provides "easier access to find great movies" whether they've actually used the site as of yet. The redesign makes it much harder to browse for new and different movies.
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