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Re: BBC Original British Drama

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The Shadow Line has veered perilously close to parody at time the last few weeks, but has managed to stay just the right side of it (seriously if Gatehouse is revealed to be a Terminator I wouldn't be that surprised).

I guessed

I seriously wonder how many people are going to be left alive by the end, and yeah what's great about it is that it's in no way predictable for most of the time, except like you say it was pretty obvious what was going to happen in hopsital.
I wondered at the enormous cast at the beginning of the run but the novel way the writers have dealt with that has solved it. I'm worried about Joe Bede now. It's strange when an out and out villain gets everyone's sympathy vote.

I sincerely hope sleazoid police commissioner is added to the body count before the end but I suspect he'll emerge squeaky clean.
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