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Re: Minecraft

Lindley wrote: View Post
Are there any plans to let you "link" two worlds together, eg, transplant one entire explored area into an "unexplored" area of another map? I think that would be fairly simple to do and pretty neat.
It might seem simple but I think Notch kinda boxed himself in as far as how the world generation works. He uses a modified 3D perlin algorithm to generate the world, and dropping pieces of one world seamless into another might be difficult. I guess what you could do is separate joined areas by at least one "transition" chunk so it's not a jarring change. Once a chunk is generated it becomes part of the save file so maybe it could be controlled with some probability settings.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Well, technically it's already possible since some people report seeing areas that they've already built when generating a new world, but it's a bug. Not quite sure how it happens. Certainly would be interesting.

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Yeah, it happened back before the McRegion format was adopted. When you deleted a world, it didn't always delete the thousands of chunk files, so when you generated a new world it would pick up pieces of the old one from the leftover files. I don't think the new save format has this problem. It was also pretty obvious when this happened, especially when you looked at topo maps. You'd have all these pieces of your map that looked like they didn't go together.
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