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What Hath Netflix Wrought?!

I don't know if anyone has been over to Netflix's site lately, but if you're a Watch Instantly subscriber, you should take a look at what they've done.

Now, I'm no web designer, but I'd like to get a web designer's opinion on just how totally and utterly screwed up Netflix's new interface is compared to their old one.

This was the old layout (I had to find this picture on Google since this UI is now gone):

This is the new layout (this is my actual screen):

A quick rundown of changes:

* They've removed the arrows to scroll through movies. Now it's an autoscroll where you have to get your cursor as close to the edge without passing the trigger that starts the scroll. Also, there's no speed change. It moves at about 1 movie every 2 seconds.

* There is no more title text. You have to look at the covers to see titles, and as any Watch Instantly customer knows, many covers don't have titles, particularly on older movies.

* You can no longer sort by year, star rating, new arrival, language or MPAA rating.

* To see movie info, you now have to hover and wait for the bubble, which lists a small amount of info. You have to click the "More Info" link to see pertinent information. Once you click that box, you are taken to the info page where you cannot go back except to click the back button in your browser.

* There is no more "See All" option, and everything is now recommended to you at seemingly random.

* The movie starts when you click on the cover art.

* The page isn't resizable. On a laptop or netbook, the titles take up 90% of the page and you can't access the motion sensitive edges. The edges are also unable to detect browser borders, so if you reduce your browser to anything smaller than full screen, you have to scroll over to the edge of the page, not the browser, to auto scroll the movies to the right or left. And then... you have... to sit... there... as... the movies... scroll by... every two... seconds... in a jerky... stuttering... slow kind... of motion. Oh, and the titles loop, so if you're not watching, you'll go around 5 or 6 times before you realize you saw these titles 5 minutes ago.

I mean, it's just a horrible interface, and the whole page is like that; like a sea of unending DVD covers. I'm guessing they're doing it to be more compatible with Roku boxes, Game systems with Netflix capabilities, Blu-Ray players, and so on, but all it's doing is screwing over the people who use the interface with their computer, which most people do, and from what I've seen, a lot of people are frustrated with this new layout. Granted, someone will always complain, but this interface is awful. I get sick and tored of it when I use it for more than 2 minutes. It makes everything more difficult, not less, and it's been two days with more than 1600 complaints at the Netflix blogger site HERE, without nary a response from Netflix itself.

So, what do you think? Is this a bad move? A good move? Anyone in this kind of industry want to weigh in?
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