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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

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People are saying things like "I hope it's going to be like Mass Effect!" in this thread.

I'd rather it be as forgettable as this Sega game I've never heard of.
Mass Effect is memorable? Okay, you're right the legacy of Gene Roddenberry is doomed then.
Yes, in the gaming world, Mass Effect is in fact memorable. It is setting industry standards with its ratings and appeal. In fact, as an avid gamer, I'd even say little known games like Star Trek: Bridge Commander leave a decent impact on large enough communities to make an impact on the overall legacy of Star Trek. Your response is as if I said "This game alone will destroy Star Trek." I clearly said this game contributes to the death of its legacy, and also is a sad reminder that there will be no more Star Trek games to look forward to.
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