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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

worked on the lirpas today. First one was a bit rough because I realized that the coroplast needed to be cut to size. The first one, I tried a soldering iron to cut it out, and it was rough. I realized then I needed to go with a laser to cut it, so I've taken it to Impressions Made Easy. Tom says he'll give it a go with the laser. That'll be really cool if it works!

Meanwhile, Dave Eversole's been doing a few more tweaks on the script. He'll have it finalized for the shoot tomorrow morning at 9:00am. I'll be posting it tomorrow to SugarSync in PDF form. I'll be printing up at least a dozen of the final version tomorrow for Saturday's shoot.

I'd also like to announce that Sara and Bill MacKenzie, and Christin Woods will be joining the cast of "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." Sara will be playing T'Hima, the wife of Paral. Bill will be playing Lieutenant Quinton Caley, an astrogeologist who's part of the landing party. Christin will be playing T'Noshi, a Vulcan science officer also a member of the landing party. We'll be posting bios on the main website as soon as they send them in.

Lastly, we'll begin filming Saturday morning. Cast is requested to show around 8:30am for costuming. Sara will be on-hand for alterations. Christin and Eric will be getting their ears. Jeff, Bill, Christin, Eric Kalv and Richard Thornton are needed. If anyone else plans on attending, you'll be more than welcome. But please let me know if you're attending so that I can order enough doughnuts, coffee, sodas, water and fruit.

One more thing: Potemkin crewmembers: do not forget your black slacks, socks and shoes. Please wear a comfortable undershirt (one without a pattern/design which could show through). If I need to be reached, I'll be on-line most of the day Friday and most of the evening as well. Saturday morning, you'll need to call me on my cell phone.

I look forward to seeing you there!
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