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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello, humanoids! I'm a Trek fan, having started off with the original series when I was younger, which my father loved, getting into TNG through a friend in grammar school, and getting into DS9 in middle school through reruns. I started watching around "In Purgatory's Shadow...", though I had seen "Whispers" when I was much younger. And I grew to love the show! I began to buy the DVD seasons through high school and had them all. It's been a bit of a family affair, as my brother, cousin, dad, and (especially) girlfriend have also seen many - if not all - of DS9. I've been recently watching a selection of Enterprise and Voyager.

As for the books, I've read the relaunch and am next going to read "Destiny." Some of the books have been great!

And, in spite of my name, the character I relate most to is actually Bashir, though perhaps I like Odo more.

Again, hello.
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