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Re: Star Trek: Voyager: Children Of The Storm Review Thread

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Finished the book and was absolutely blown away by it! One of my favorite reads in a while. On a separate note to either Mrs. Beyer or anyone who knows, what was her role on General Hospital? My cousin is a huge fan of the show and recognized her but couldn't figure out who she was.
Wow. Weird. My mother watched the show. I totally recognize that face!

Really loved the book. What an excellent entry. I only wish we knew when the next book was coming out.

On a personal note, this book was bought and read while one of my parents was in hospital dying. I just want to say that of all of the ST books currently out there that I could have picked up, this one was one was a perfect choice. An inspired choice. There were more than a handful of times that had me in tears. But really hopeful tears. Just thinking of O' Donnell makes me tear up right here. Thank you Ms. Beyer!
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