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Re: Star Trek, a possibly canon co-op title.

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You can bury Star Trek right now and never look back.

We can both have it our way.
How can the legacy of Star Trek be preserved AND J.J. Trek continue to be successful? The legacy will be tarnished, has been tarnished, and continues to be tarnished by games like this and new terrible movies.

Yes, good Star Trek will live on inside me and many others the way we remember it, but J.J. Trek is threatening to let that positive image of Star Trek die with us. I'd rather people fifty years from now not knowing what Star Trek was, than to think it was some meaningless, CGI action fest that all the ignorant people of the past just ate up. And I'd much rather Star Trek left a legacy that would make future onlookers be proud of the imaginations and social critiques we are capable of.
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