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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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I got an idea for a vid to Superchick's "One More" a while back, but after fooling around with it a while, I realized I wasn't going to be able to do it justice. I talked to Scorey about it, and being the cool super-vidder that she is, she agreed to take the project on herself. I'm so glad she did! Just LOOK at the awesome here:

"One More"
You could not have picked a better vidder for that song. Fantastic!!! Although I am actually very curious what you did with it. It was probably amazingly awesome.

Anyways, everything that woman creates makes me want to run a marathon.
Yeah, as soon as I found out she liked Superchick, I knew I wanted her to do this vid for me. I love her old version of "Fighter" so much, I knew she'd be perfect - the themes are very similar.

And yes, my workout playlist contains multiple Scorey vids. And multiple Froot vids, come to think of it.

Haha, what I had was about three seconds of Voyager pulling out of DS9. I did it in Sony Vegas and I cried. Thank goodness for Scorey!

ETA: Link to the "Fighter" vid, although I'm pretty sure everyone here already has it on her faves list!
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