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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

I'm giving it an A. I went in not really liking what I had seen beforehand, but I wanted to give it a shot since I enjoyed the other X-movies. I was very pleasently surprised. It was a very entertaining movie. Xavier was well played and I loved the guy who did Magneto. Kevin Bacon was very good as Shaw. It was kind of interesting to see the dynamic between Xavier and Erik. It added another aspect of the various relationships when Xavier was in favor of Beast and Mystique taking the "cure" while Erik was pushing more for the, "We should be accepted as we are," point. Can't say I cared much for the kids though. They admittedly kind of annoyed me. Overall, a very entertaining movie.
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I still can't believe they got Magneto wrong. His gripe was with humanity, or, at least humans who despise those that are different. But his enemy here is not that at all, it's an uber-powerful mutant.
I think you're putting a bit too much stock into Shaw being a mutant. Yes, the main person he's chasing is a mutant, but he was tortured at the hands of Nazis for being a Jew, he was tortured and harassed by Nazis and likely other people for being a mutant. He even talked about it several times through the movie- the fact that people don't and likely won't accept them and having the humans betray them in the end proved his point. Hell, he didn't even know he was chasing a mutant (or that there were other mutants) until he ran into Xavier.
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