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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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I still can't believe they got Magneto wrong. His gripe was with humanity, or, at least humans who despise those that are different. But his enemy here is not that at all, it's an uber-powerful mutant.

I think that's clearly explained. Quite possibly one of the most explained things. To not get that would require missing a good chunk of the movie. The clearest aspect is in the conversation between them before battle and Magneto's motivations. But, for the more subtle aspect, it's quite clear that Shaw and Magneto are similar in goals and ideals (although I think Magneto has more humanity, which is why Professor X never truly abandons him). That's why, as soon as Shaw is dead, he turns to those he had just been fighting and offers to let them join him. You can even see it symbolically with him putting on the helmet Shaw was just wearing (although that was probably more for plot reasons to weaken Xavier).

The other thing is I hate the fact that Xavier and Erik are friends for a bit, recruit some other kids and part ways, whereas in the original; trilogy they have been good friends for a much longer time. I mean I know many people who, in my 20's, I was good 30's.
In the original trilogy, they remained friends even when fighting. There's no reason to believe this isn't the case here either. Clearly, even though they are on opposite sides, they parted amicably. Charles wouldn't have told Raven to go with Erik if this weren't the case.
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